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14 Select - 2020 AAU National Champions

South East Region Volleyball

​South East Region Volleyball (SERV) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of Volleyball in the South East Region of Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina.  Our goal is to build strong athletes to become leaders by teaching life skills on the court ... Teamwork, Respect, Accountability, Discipline, and Ethics. We TRADE Volleyball for Life Skills. 

Contact Us

South East Region Volleyball

Phone: 757-724-2626

SERV club code is required at time of registration W34395

SERV club code is required at time of registration. AAU Code W34395

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Girls and Boys Travel Tryouts

We have only a few openings: 

Grassroots (Beginners), U16-18 Middle Blockers and Pin Hitters

Contact to arrange a tryout during our Sunday Open Gyms. Please Pre-register prior to trying out. 

Simple Q&As Regarding SERV Offerings

1. Is SERV just a "starter club"?

SERV has never been a "starter club".  We opened our doors with 9 travel teams. Each year, we have grown. In 2023-24, we had 23 teams, practicing in three facilities.  We do not recruit players nor coaches from other clubs.  We have always developed coaches and players.  SERV-trained players who transfer into other clubs do so because they need a change. That's the beauty of having several clubs in the area. If a player wants to play at a different club because their friends are there,  they can. We know that they will always have a place for them to call home.  We have seen many athletes return because they found out it is and should be more about the family inside the home... not the greener grass.  Some of the players who leave SERV have ended up on college courts. Of course, the other clubs say they trained those players; but, we all know that a player's skills are defined in their first three years of playing.  From that point forward, the skills are refined.  In any event, when players decide to leave SERV, we do not hold it against them. Once a SERV player, always a SERV player.  

2. What do you offer that other clubs do not?

Overall, our coaches have hundreds of seasons of experience. Many of the staff coach year-round. Volleyball is an important part of their everyday life.  Not because it puts money in their pocket... because these coaches can teach life skills on the court.  

Among the 32 coaches, we have 11 active high school and middle school coaches, a former DI head coach of a college, a former DI player, several DII players, several multi-sport athletes.  9 members of our staff have greater than 15 years of experience. Our staff is full of well-rounded nice productive adults.  We use Baller and HUDL to review game footage. We implement all of the same  recruiting platforms other clubs use.  We have a network of college coaches we can call at any time to get players recruited. 

Our coaches analyze team film and develop our players not by chasing the season. We know what our teams need.  We are constantly building on our systems and formulas.  We still teach and study the game because each player matters more than their tuition check.  Our team size is dependent on the talent and synergy of who tries out.  If players do not fit the formula established by the coach, the team does not pick up the extra athlete just to "make the budget" work. 

3. Do you only offer travel teams, or do you offer local club games/program too? For instance, I have a daughter who plays travel soccer, and although they do travel for a tournament twice a year, most of their actual season games are in VB, Chesapeake, or Williamsburg.

Yes, we offer travel teams, a grassroots program (for beginners and maybe less confident players), and summer leagues. 

Our travel program does not have only regionalized teams. But, very few of our teams get on a plane for their travel schedule.  Most of the venues we play are in the following cities: Virginia Beach, Richmond, Rocky Mount, NC, Salisbury, MD, Ocean City, MD, Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, Myrtle Beach, SC.  A few teams travel to NJ and Pennsylvania. The more competitive teams head to Nationals in Orlando or wherever the USAV Jr Nationals are competing that year. In the 2023-24 season, our 13Select team is going to Dallas, Texas.

Here is the 2023-24 schedule for our 12 Impact team:

Commonwealth Series 2 for 11/12 Jan 27 Suffolk, VA
Commonwealth Series 2 for 11/12 Feb 25 Suffolk, VA
AAU Rumble at Rocky Mount Mar 2-3 Rocky Mt, NC
Commonwealth Series 3 for 11/12 Mar 17 Suffolk, VA
Rocky Mount Spring Fling GP April 6-7 Rocky Mt, NC
AAU Rocky Mount Grand Prix 4/20-21/2023 Rocky Mt, NC
2024 Neptune Summer Classic May 18-19 VIRGINIA BEACH
Coastal Classic Volleyball Championships June 8-9 Myrtle Beach, SC


Here is the 2023-24 schedule for our 12 Select team:

Volley by the James Jan 13-15 Richmond, VA
Coastline Classics Jan 27-28 Myrtle Beach
AAU Trident Challenge Feb 10-11 VB
2024 Washington’s Birthday Bash Feb 17-18 Rocky Mt
Virginia Beach Grand Prix Mar 2-3 VB
AAU Grand Prix Maryland Mar 16-17 Ocean City MD
Rocky Mount Spring Fling GP Apr 6-7 Rocky Mt
Revolutionary Rumble Apr 20-21 Williamsburg
BeachFest 1 AAU Super Regional May 4-5 Ocean City MD
Coastal Classic Volleyball Championships June 8-9 Myrtle Beach, SC


Here is the 2023-24 schedule for our 13 Select team:

Virginia Beach Brawl Jan 6-7 VB
Volley at the James (Open) Jan 13-15 Richmond
Queen City Classic Feb 3-4 Charlotte, NC
Prez Day Philly Feb 17-19 Philly
VB Grand Prix March 2-3 VB
Shamrock Showdown St James March 16-17 Richmond
ODR Bid March 23 VB
Atlantic Coast Grand Prix 2024 April 27-28 VB
Beachfest May 11-12 Ocean City, MD
SAC May 25-27 Richmond
Nationals July Dallas, TX

4. What is the grassroots program?

Grassroots consists of athletes who want to learn the game of volleyball, establish confidence and rise to the next level in a less competitive realm. This season, we have two teams that are Grassroots beginners and two teams who are more advanced. The two beginners teams play against other club grassroots teams. The more advanced teams compete at the Fieldhouse in their age groups. Both teams practice twice a week and focus on fundamentals. We have adult and junior coaches coaching the Grassroots to ensure we have coverage for the players and to train our future coaches. 

5. Do you offer any type of summer camps?

We usually run a few clinics during the season; but, not a true camp.  There are several large facilities and colleges in the area that hold camps.  During the summer, we run several leagues. This summer, we are going to offer the following:

  • Beginners Bootcamp (10-12 practices and 3 game days over 6 weeks)
  • Intermediate League (1 practice and 1 match per week)
  • Advanced League (1 practice and 1 match per week)
  • Girls High School Captains League (Sunday afternoon)
  • Boys High School Captains League (Sunday evenings)
  • Friday night Adult League

SERV Staff

Contracts and Financials: Melissa Perry

Coaching Opportunities and SafeSport Issues: Kelly Mills

Calendar and Facilities Scheduling: Jeff Hou

Hudl and College Recruiting:  Jasmyn Cuffee 

Social Media: Ashley Winingham 

Special Events and Fundraiser Coordinator: Heather Bohn

Boys Travel Team Coaches:

Interested in coaching?  Please contact us at

14 Beast: Joel Korzun and Brad Skeeter

15Beast: Jeff Hou & Derek Bozman
16Beast: Natasha Gorski and Amber Ouellette

17 Beast: Kelly Mills and TBD

18 Beast: Makeba Davis and TBD

Girls Travel Team Coaches

Interested in coaching?

Please contact us at

Grassroots:  Matt Leicester,  Joy Taylor, Peyton Brunswick, Nick Arnett, and Jeremy Bohn

12 Select:  Rico Rodriguez and Amanda Amos
12 Impact:  Nick Arnett and Stacy Garhart

13 Select: Tim Maynard & Beth Garrison
13 Impact: Rob Tanksley & Bryan Stambaugh

13Power: Kelly Mills & Danielle Benjamin

14 Select:  Ashley Winingham, Annie Tulensru & Yasutaka Araya
14 Impact: Callie Garrett, Josh Mannings & Michelle Martin

15 Select: Eric Cigich & Butch Caldwell
15 Impact:  Jeff Hou, Shilah Haumann,  & Brandy Walker

15 Power: Makeba Davis & Ashawnte Bowden

16 Select: Jasmyn Cuffee, and Charese Parran 
16 Impact:  Tim Gamble and Erica Morrell

17Select: Rick (Adrienne) Wimmer, Christina Nielsen & Robert Campos

18 Select: Butch Caldwell

Staff Coaches: Kelsi Wilkins,  Julie Bruno